State of the Garden Address

State of the Garden Address: 5/31/19

What a dreary, rainy week it’s been! Luckily, the sun poked out from behind the clouds long enough this morning for me to snap a few pictures and give you all a State of the Garden Address (the first since there was snow on the ground!)

As a refresher, here were my goals for this summer’s growing season. I’ve already knocked a few off my list!

  1. Balance gardening with the rest of life
  2. Pick mostly easy, low-maintenance seeds and seedlings
  3. Buy seeds and seedlings
  4. Put in two more raised beds
  5. Plant my seed garlic and potatoes
  6. Put in a picket fence and plant flowers along it
  7. Get some raspberry canes established.
  8. Finally, plant my wedding flowers.
potted thyme and mint
As you will notice, both the thyme and mint have been sentenced to a life in pot prison. This is because I don’t particularly feel like them turning into rampant weeds next year. I suggest the same if you have either of these two and don’t want to constantly prune it back!

Two weeks ago, my local county extension office had our Master Gardener Plant Sale. Is there a more glorious day of the gardening year? Hundreds of plants were for sale, all cheap, in great conditions, and from local gardens. And 100% of the proceeds go to support the non-profit work the office does! The thyme above, along with most of the other things I planted in the last week or two, came from that sale. (The chocolate mint came from a local guy.)

I’ve achieved #2, pick mostly easy, low-maintenance seeds and seedlings, thanks to that word “mostly” I threw in there. Through the plant sale, farmer’s market, and FedCo Seeds, I’m all set! All told, I’m growing the following vegetables/edibles this year:

  • onions
  • thyme
  • chocolate mint
  • orange bell peppers (4x)
  • green pepper
  • Tomatoes, Amish paste variety
  • Cherry tomatoes, sungold variety
  • garlic
  • Potatoes, kennebec (or maybe Katahdin) variety
  • Carrots, scarlet Nantes variety
  • Shell beans, Taylor Dwarf variety
  • Raspberries, everbearing
  • Snow peas
  • chives

In addition, I’ve got the following flowers to incorporate into my different flowerbeds:

  • peony (no idea what kind. It’ll be a surprise!)
  • Bearded Iris (violet)
  • Solomon’s seal
  • Hydrangea
  • Sedum
the allium family- chives, onions, and garlic
The Allium section of one of my vegetable plots. From left to right: big chive plant just starting to flower, a row and a half of onions (I don’t know what variety, as I accidentally lost the little popsicle stick with that info. Can I blame Mom brain?), and four rows of late-planted garlic.
Also, do I need to weed my edges or what?

In addition to the plants I introduced to my yard, I’ve had two noteworthy volunteers:

wild strawberries

Finding those toothed leaves in sets of three with the little white flowers made me jump for joy, originally. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve got the coveted WILD strawberry, which is the most delicious berry in the world, or if I have his WOODLAND strawberry cousin, which is not delicious at all, even if its not poisonous. Time will tell!

Lily of the Valley, or Our Lady's Tears

Anyone recognize these lovely ladies? Lily of the Valley, also known as Our Lady’s Tears, jumped the fence over the winter, and now both my neighbor and I have some growing in our yards! This completes half of goal #8, plant my wedding flowers. Hopefully, I’ll have a blog post for you next week about getting some lilacs started, and then I can cross that one off, too.

The last thing I’d like to mention is goal #7, get some raspberry canes established. Though I wouldn’t say they’re established yet, I do have raspberries planted! I happened upon two buckets of everbearing raspberry shoots at the plant sale and immediately jumped on them. I separated the mass of growth into individual shoots, lined them up in a trench filled with finished compost, and said a prayer.

Hopefully, these primocanes (first year growth) will establish themselves this summer, maybe give us a few berries this fall, and be ready for a hearty harvest come next summer!

everbearing strawberries
I’ve definitely got to mulch the area around these guys. I don’t want the weeds overtaking them!

So that’s what I’m up to recently. Phew! Please, I’d love to hear what kinds of plants, fruits, and veggies you all are growing. Let me know in the little box below!

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