Any Questions?

Hey all!

Just a quick update today. Here in southern Maine, we have a conference for all the Master Gardeners once a year we call “Digging Deeper.” It’s coming up this Saturday, March 9th, and if you’re in the area I believe there are still tickets available to purchase for non-Master Gardeners. For those who can’t come, I figured I would preview the topics and could both A) report out and B) bring your questions with me! Here are the three presenters and their topics:

  • Lucinda Brockway- Best Lessons from English Garden Design and Discovery
  • Helene Lewand of Black Rock Farm in Kennebunkport- A Year in the Life of a Gardener/Landscaper
  • Fellow Master Gardener, Garrett Bent- Intensive Organic Production of Vegetables for a Farm-to-Table Restaurant.

I’m personally very excited for the second two since I tend to favor vegetable gardening over flower gardening or straight design work, but I’m sure all three will be informative and engaging, as they’ve always been.

Let me know in comments if you have any questions, and I’ll bring them up to the speakers!

13 days til spring!!

The seedlings my students started last year. Look at these little guys, reaching for the sun!

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